Chicago blog – December 2016

An impromptu Southwest Airlines sale had my travel bug in full effect. Basically they had $49-$99 flights for a couple of days and that is just too great a deal to pass up. (One way but still) then they give you a list of cities which are included and the one that stood out to me was of course Chicago ! 

Living in Georgia it is very rare for us to see snow , so I thought it would be cool to get to experience a “real winter.” I had also been looking for a non traditional gift for my best friend for Christmas and love giving experiences as gifts! So I bought her a ticket too. I believe it was $112 per person for round trip. 

After booking a room at the Hampton inn on E Huron st. (she had hotel points and the hotel was super great btw) and buying a “real” jacket, we were off ! I tend to deny the existence of cold weather because I hate it so much so that is why I didn’t have a real jacket, got one at kohls that was amazing for $100 (50% off) a great purchase indeed. 

Black one on the right , tons of pockets and a detachable hood and the best part, fur on the inside

After checking in we met up with a friend for pizza at Giordanos. Our hotel was in the shopping district and super easy to walk around places. 

Fun fact Chicago used to be made up of all little districts so when people immigrated there they would go to that particular district, polish district , china town etc ..

Of course ,we had to get some deep dish pizza! We got a chicken sausage with mushroom and a veggie pizza and it was delicious…although I still prefer thin crust 💁🏽

After that we walked around, went to the Hershey store and I got a s’mores cookie thing which was to die for! 

We then explored the huuuge mall at the water tower and on to the John Hancock for cocktails. 

We were expecting a long wait but we only had to wait to get upstairs then sat down almost immediately. Can’t beat that view!! 

Drinks and food are pricy but the view is definitely worth it.

Went to the bars, Walgreens was lit and McDonald’s was lit. I think the bar we went to was called deauces and diamonds? At least that’s what my credit card statement says.

Day two: we got doughnuts from stans (coconut for the win) and tried to go to the skydeck. Because of the snow they let us know that the view from the deck was completely white. We decided to go explore instead but found out that on Sundays, most places were closed!! We were in “the business district” so apparently that’s common. Ate brunch at seven lions and went to the famous “bean” 

Ps the Michael kors rainboots from marshalls were the move for walking around in snow.

We found a pub near by ( millers) and had some drinks there before going back to the hotel. Decided it would be cool to ride the L (huge shameless fan over here) since we couldn’t go to the Gallagher house as it was in a described dangerous part of town. So we did just that, rode it until the end getting out every few stops and getting on a different train since we didn’t want to get robbed by the lovely train riders we kept getting stuck with that we couldn’t understand. Struck up a conversation with a rider, not sure if it was male or female but they were talking about fist fighting with their son to teach manliness lol it was then that we decided to make a music video instead 😂

Lbehimd the scenes…look out for the album coming soon.

Oh yeah we also took over a random hotel bathroom and saw a huge bunny that I thought was a rat (if we were in New York it would be eh)

Day 3 :left our luggage with the hotel to get back when we were on the way to the airport and went to skydeck once again

This time it was a success and we had a super nice guy taking pictures. Ps terrifying if you’re scared of heights…even more so if you’re hungover. The exhibit was really cool and of course the view was incredible. We opted for the $45 ticket for skydeck and the art museum so after getting a hotdog at skydeck (not great but I just had to say I had a Chicago hot dog) we went to the art museum. 

We only had 30 minutes or so there and to be able to enjoy it ,you would definitely need more time as the museum is huge!! Ubered back to the pizza place from night one to get some frozen pizzas to bring home and off to the airport! 

Such a fun little trip with the best friends and happy we got to be tourists in the snow. Chicago was definitely great and I’d love to come back to visit in the spring or summer. 

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