Bbg start off. Staying on track through the holidays 

‪With the holidays it is especially difficult to stay on the fitness track. I took over 3 weeks off 😳only going maybe once a week but I’ve got to get back on track! Monday I am restarting #bbg #sweatwithkayla from week 2! (I’ve done and redone week one more times than I care to admit) …Really determined to ‬stick with it this time and get back to doing HIIT and dreaded cardio instead of only weights that I’ve depended on the past year . I’ve realized for the body I like on myself that is what will be required although lifting is so much more fun 😅 

I know the whole I’ll start on Monday thing is so annoying like why not start today? I feel ya, but I am going to Chicago this weekend and I can’t just go there without eating some not so fit friendly foods 😅🍕🌭🍩

Really am going to need the motivation Monday of a lifetime since I don’t fly back until late that day. Going to actually take the before and after pics , the whole ordeal…but question…do people really eat what’s on her meal plan too?because I feel like that stuff is 1. Impossible to find in a suburban town in the u.s and 2. Would be ridiculously expensive . 

Wish me luck!! 

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