Ardens Garden 2-day detox . Juice cleanse for quick weight loss review

First of all let me just say that I have tried MANY different diets/cleanses just to kind of see what works, what’s a waste of time and what might be worth the hype. I love being a guinea pig and trying new things. Any time I see a quick detox, I’m a bit intrigued because who can’t do something for a short period of time?…10 day detox? No thanks ,I need food…2 days? More likely… or I hope.

disclaimer: This was written months ago and got deleted.

First impression :

I’ve only heard some friends talk about this detox, not many reviews/videos available but the concept seems fairly simple. You drink a gallon of the Arden’s garden juice(grapefruit and orange flavored) and however much of distilled water you want per day, no solid foods and you’ll clean out your system.

….what is distilled water anyway ? Detox instructions were very adamant about the water being distilled and I had to go to Kroger to find it.(Note to self: Google it after writing this. ) So one gallon of juice was $15, you need to get two and I also got two gallons of distilled water $.83 per gallon. I’m not sure how I’m going to bring these gallons to work. People are going to think I’m crazy but what else is new. “No worries guys I’m just starving myself for two days but it’s socially acceptable to juice so suck it. “

Things I wanted to find out:

  • Will I have headaches?
  • Hunger pains  ?
  • What will be my level of energy?
  • How will it impact my sleeping patterns ?
  • And of course…. what will the scale say?


day 1

Woke up with with a headache …great, especially when I hear this detox gives you a headache sometimes . Took some excedrin and washed it down with the juice. Best idea ever? Probably not. I do taste the grapefruit the most but it’s not as bad as I thought ( I haaaaaaate grapefruit) ….will definitely have to FORCE myself to drink it though.

I’m feeling a bit dizzy… maybe it’s the juice, maybe not but I feel weird . My body isn’t used to not eating breakfast…side note: sitting at the doctors office with my eyes dilated…why they let you drive like this is insane to me.

Update I’m STARVING, it’s not even 9am yet.

My weight this morning was 122.4 lbs. Yes, I know I’m not fat or need to lose weight or detox but I’m grown , let me experiment and let me be. Aside from guinea pigging, I wanted to do this detox to upstart my healthy diet. Hopefully I’ll be able to drop the chicken wings and fries down to once a week .

I think the excruciating hunger might just be my brain knowing I can’t have food but then again I ate dinner at like 530pm yesterday so my body is likely screaming “can I haz food plz.” Usually I’m freezing at work and have my heater on all day…today I feel like it’s incredibly hot. Also I think I might be drinking it too fast, I’ll be done with half a gallon by noon …mostly because I’ve vowed to chug the juice every time I go to the bathroom. I’ve been 5 times since 8am ..its now 11am.

I usually walk a trail on my lunch break but I don’t think I will today. Not sure if exercising is best on this…also I’ll probably pee myself being away from a bathroom for an hour and I keep feeling like I’m going to throw up sooooo no .


12pm: the “hanger” has kicked in.

3 pm: I think my body finally realized it’s not getting any food and has given up.

7pm: Stomach still growling and I felt a bit dizzy after working out (worked out at home just in case there was a chance I passed out at the gym.) Drinking my last cup a little after 10pm, I want pizza . Also my weight has not changed until late tonight, it went up to 123 lbs. Apparently the second day is easier. Let’s hope so.


Day 2

It is indeed easier, I’m not as hungry or sleepy. I can totally do this.

Update: free wings for lunch at work…wings are my favorite and free food tastes the best. Ugh, must. stay. strong.

No exercise today as I still felt dizzy from time to time and exercising on day 1 was not much fun. A lot of bloating, I assume all the water weight.

conclusion and review:

Weighed 119 lbs so I did lose some weight, although I am sure if you gave up solid food for two days and didn’t do the 2 gallons of ardens juice with water you would either way. Of course, the more you weigh the more you will lose, I’ve read some people had lost 10+ lbs in the two days on this. However, for me…The weight came back almost immediately after eating real, solid food. I would not and have not done the detox again. I looked up what distilled water actually does and it basically sucks the salt out of you making you lose weight/bloat. The detox did not give me headaches nor did it boost my energy. Had what felt like some hot flashes on the first day which werent too fun.Sleep was same, forever tired.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this detox, personally I think you could save your $32 for something else. I did, however, learn that I can survive not eating for TWO DAYS! As a frequent snacker, I was sure it would be impossible.


If you are looking to this detox for a quick fix to shed a couple of pounds before a photoshoot or something like that I would suggest lightening your potions (small salad) and drinking distilled water instead. That way you’re not hangry but still debloating. Perhaps use that money to go to a sauna to sweat some pounds off and finish off with an epson salt bath. All tips to QUICKLY debloat.

thanks for reading! feel free to share your experience or any detox tips /recommendations. I definitely want to try more detoxes!



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